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Turn Table for exhibition / Motor show

We are design and build for turn table of  exhibition motor show  or rental and other relate to engineering motor drives and in Automation & Control systems.

FAQs and Everything You Need to Know
Q : How much does a car turntable cost?
A : Car turntables usually depending on the specifications weight and size. Present depeding on customer requires, We do not have standard production list price.
Q : Can be rental not purchase?
A : It’s available only in Thailand, Standard 1.5-1.8 m Maximum weight 1500 kg, starting price 25,000 Baht/Time/Weeks, price are not include delivery cost.
Q : What does this price include?
A : This price Ex-work includes steel structure turntable components all necessary drawings and schematics. Price are not include top decorated, crating and packaging for shipping and Shipping costs are additional.
Q : How do electro mechanical turntables work?
A : Electric motor turntables are constructed to rotate using a single or double ring and pit mounted floor or above raceway with rubber to absorbed, which causes the turntable to rotate smoothly and quiet. 
Q : What sizes of turntable are available?
A : Diameters can start as little as 2 m. and range thru 10 m depending on type of vehicle use. 
Q : Can be stop at the show point and soft start to move?
A: Absolutely. All car turntables can be supplied with wireless remote control clickers that can be kept in each vehicle. Your turntable can be select clicker action of either clicker will cause the turntable to stop at a certain point, and a second clicker action will cause the turntable to continue rotating to a second preset point.
Q : If want to be flatted, What about pit construction costs?
A : Pit construction, It’s civil cost will be an additional local expense between the turntable owner and civil contractor. 
Q : Will I need to dig up my garage floor or driveway?
A : Unfortunately, If want to be flat plate, yes. Your turntable needs to be fitted correctly for it to give you many years of reliable service, you will need to construct a suitable pit to house the turntable. A typical pit will vary between between 250 mm to 300 mm. deep.
Q : How will I know the turntable pit dimensions?
A : Every turntable is supplied complete with detailed operator manual and all the necessary drawings to assist you and your contractor to construct the pit correctly. 
Q : Can I install a turntable myself or do I need a contractor to do it?
A : Most installations are handled by a reliable and experienced contractor who knows how to read and correctly interpret the supplied drawings. However, if you have a good mechanical aptitude and can read and understand drawings, then it might be possible to do this yourself.
Q : Does Tinamics have an installation service?
A : Yes, we do, but we do not undertake pit construction work. If you are able to have your turntable pit constructed by a local contractor, Tinamics would be happy to quote you a price for the turntable installation. 
Q : Will you talk to or work with my contractor?
A : Yes, absolutely. We often liaise with contractors installing our turntables and give them as much help and advice as possible. 
Q : How does the turntable arrive at my location?
A : Your turntable will have been pre-assembled and tested for correct operation at our factory before being shipped. Many of the sectional parts will be number coded making assembly an easy task.
Q : What about spare parts for turntables?
A : No problem. We always use brand name and good quality components when designing our turntables. Spare parts are rarely a problem and we normally have them in stock for immediate shipping.